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Can you make money in trading Forex?

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  • Can you make money in trading Forex?

    Have you ever thought about trading in forex or currencies, and wondered how you could potentially cash in a heavily fluctuating money market?

    Imagine, just you setting up a forex account, trading your currency against another country's currency to make money. Or perhaps consider that you could trade any currency in the world, as long as the broker supports the inter-trading of the two forms of money.

    Being in forex trading has alot of positives and negatives. Sure you can at least imagine the positive benefits, of being financially independent, making money off of competing currencies, trade on the laptop on a yacht in the middle of nowhere, drinking a mai-tai, and have a ball living it up.

    Now let's also bring to focus the cons of trading forex. For one, there is a potential catastrophic loss of funds if you do not know what the heck you are doing. You just cannot drop your life savings or snack money to a forex trading account and expect it to grow money. Alot of traders, matter in fact close to 95% of traders end up losing their shirts the first go around, and ever if they try again, they bet more money, and get into serious debt. The thought of answering to your wife about losing all of your son's college money to speculating the euro/dollar is not pleasing I am sure.

    Now, that we have compared two extreme situations, one for the good, and one for the bad, we need to see what we can do, if you are even still interested in forex trading at this point, you should build a descent knowledge base on trading, and a success plan to manage and earn over a period of time.

    When I say plan for earning money, it doesn't mean double your money in a short time. It means growing incremental income over a longer term time frame, rather you do it with day trading, or long term positioning. Having at first a modest gain, will get you to learn how to build your game trading forex. It doesn't happen overnight, and usually the folks who are luck first and foremost, will end up losing some later in the process anyway.

    With Cambists Club, we just help to increase your probability of success in trading Forex.
    Cambists Club Webmaster and Trader

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    I think it's possible