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About Us

Cambists Club, founded by a team of passionate traders and entrepreneurs amid the pandemic, encompass a networking group of service providers and traders to help promote their services and skills to the community while at the same time organizing various webinars, charities, and educational events towards the advancement for traders. Cambists Club is an online community club that offers coaching, discussion forums, support, and assistance to traders and business people alike. At the present time, Cambists Club is proud to sponsor several webinars and courses that assists towards the growth and development of traders.

Mission Statement

Cambists Club is a resource of members who share an uncompromising passion to raise trading knowledge and to assist new traders who are in need of assistance.

Cambists Members
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Why Cambists Club?

Cambists Club aimed to become a key player to connect traders and service providers in a single discussion platform to create a healthy and efficient ecosystem that would benefit all participants.

Networking among Members

Cambists Club encourage members to network, share and/or learn from each other to improve their financial knowledge.

Global Community

With members span across different cities around the world, Cambists Club aim to be a useful resource for traders and investors.

Traders Think Tank

Cambists Club is a traders' think tank, where traders share ideas with each other to achieve better results.